$20 Home Depot Mattress Review

Home Depot is a big home improvement store, so basically it’s just a gigantic store. It’s like a warehouse kind of thing and inside there’s everything you would need to build or maintain or keep up a house so wood tools all that kind of thing.

home depot mattress

I went to Home Depot and I saw a stack of camping mattresses of three-inch thick foam camping mattresses and they were selling for $20 which is a great deal. Like a good foam mattress. It is a good foam pad if you sleep well on it. $20 is a great deal. It’s 3 inches thick by 30 inches wide by 72 inches or 6 feet long so great dimensions for camping mattress. I would need to take a knife and trim it to make it a little bit more narrow instead of 30 inches probably like 22 inches is what I would do so I’d take off about 8 inches or so.

They’re also selling a cover to go over the mattress that doesn’t really interest me. The fabric isn’t very nice, it’s like kind of a rough Cordura canvas kind of material and there’s a big seam running down the middle of it that I don’t like.

I also went to Walmart and there are cheap sheets up here a bunch of different colors to choose from $4.97 for a flat twin though with this kind of cream color.

I’ve used the foam camp mattress for I think eight nights and my wife has also used it a couple of nights on trips that we’ve gone on and it’s great we both really like it much better than any inflatable mattress I’ve

Used! It’s only $20 for me it’s a no-brainer, so I’d highly recommend this mattress from Home Depot!